Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October is here

Oct as in octopus, but it is the 10th month. Old Julius and the boys were pretty good about taking over Europe but way bad at the simple things like organizing the Months so they were logical to me. To be fair I am sure they really did not give a flying fig, if future members of this planet found their naming of months illogical.

This last month was extremely busy, what with much socializing two weekends of the month. Which consisted of us cooking enough food to feed an army. Little nod to Julius and his boys. My poor old car got the boot and new little car had to have all sorts of security devices added to it before the insurance company would insure it. My car is now being tracked. My driving is being reported on. Egad! Big brother is watching and being a back seat driver at the same time.

The cool thing about driving an old clap trap of a car is that nobody wanted to steal it. Coming from a country where crime is the favorite game the citizens play, I now feel a bit scared driving in a car that the citizens like.  I am sure it will be fine, and if not, I will just add it to the list of things that have been stolen from me. I have already had a car stolen. It really is not a nice thing to happen. How gloomy to think about things like that instead of just enjoying the new car smell. 

One of the socializing occasions was my husband and my 18th wedding anniversary. It really has not felt that long at all. In another point of view, it feels that we have been together forever. I can just remember the time before we were, and feel sad that were not together then. Hopefully another 18 years can be achieved.

I only made 26 flowers this month. Oh dear, not quite the required number. I am supposed to do a flower a day. Granny's gardens can become excessively boring. I may take a break and actually quilt the only UFO that I have. My youngest and I created the top during our December break 3 years ago. Dear Jane made me abandon this poor quilt and do what I had promised myself I would not do and that is not to start a new quilt before finishing the last one. Though I suppose not finishing the granny's garden is perpetuating the syndrome. I will see, come read this space next month and either I would have made some more flowers or I would have squashed a top to a bottom using some thread.

Looking for a photo to add I also spotted that I made a backing for the quilt. I did machine piece this quilt. I think that may be part of why this poor quilt has not been completed. That is the problem with blowing off one's mouth. I have a horrid habit of doing it. Maybe when I am a grown up, I will learn to think before I think and only then allow myself to speak. I often surprise myself with what comes out of my mouth. I think I am funny so that is all fine.

The insurance company has appointed a company to fix up the roof that was destroyed by the hail storm we had a few days ago. Hopefully it will be all pretty and worthy of a photo opportunity later.

Spring has sprung and now we have tiny fruit on the trees. Our large tree in the front of our garden has not sprouted it's leaves yet. What this tree does is spend a month dropping a constant cloud of yellow flowers and then when it is finished, the leaves seem to appear overnight.

Well I hope you are all enjoying the mild weather of September and that October treats you well.

Have an amazing day.

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