Saturday, 18 October 2014

October madness

This is not one of those strange sales gimmicks but rather a description of how this month has been. Activities that have been put off for years have finally been done. I have even managed to sew a flower or 2.

We have an outbuilding containing a storage room of 3 metres by 3 metres. This has been a marvelous place to put all of the boxes that inevitably arrive around purchases. As I have mentioned before, we do live in the most crime active country and the reason you don't put empty boxes on the street for garbage collection, is that it is like taking out an ad in a local paper as to what you want stolen by the weekend.

 The other reason for all of the boxes is that we have been robbed so often that we need to keep replacing the items that have been taken and that make life fun. We have inevitably accumulated a large collection. The other things in the back room is accumulated broken items that did not fit into the wheely bins.  So in the back room we had 18 years worth of boxes, broken chairs, bits and pieces of computers that have been upgraded over the years. There we even all of the youngest baby stuff. She is now 16. I went through a phase of making toys and there was a collection of strange creatures that I had made.

The one item that was save and taken away was a 10 foot worm made out of bits of fabric, that my eldest and her cousins played with when they we children.. The eldest is now 30 and when she saw it, it was saved and taken back to her house. And now the point of all of this rambling. I decided that it was about time to do a spring clean on the room. We hired a skip and threw all of the stuff away. It was amazing how much there was to clear. I really did not think it would fit into the skip that we had delivered. It was like one of those clown acts where it seems as if hundreds of clown could fit into a small car. This was a magic skip as it seemed that it would never fill. As stuff was placed in the skip there was a gathering of people who do recycling, that sorted out what they wanted and took the stuff away. There were also municipal workers doing something with the water pipes in the area and I was pleased to see that they had taken most of the baby stuff. The room is now ready for the next 18 years worth of containers. Hopefully it does not get back into the state it was.

My new car was inspected by the insurance people to make sure that it existed. I was amused to see that they took pictures of the inside and outside of the car and even took a picture of the engine. I did wonder if they though I had crafted a great facsimile of a car with craft supplies. I have been having fun with the tracking devise that was installed. I did however turn off the 'harsh breaking' and 'harsh acceleration' alerts that were being sent as emails. I think I drive nicely and being ratted on by a piece of technology is just not on. I have now had my new car for  a month and have almost stopped missing my old one.
The awning that was destroyed by the large hail was replaced. It is lot lighter than the original one we installed, but at least it is nice and fixed up. It was very depressing seeing the destruction so just having the awning all clean and fresh is great.

I surely have jabbered on today, Hope you have all had an awesome October so far.

Have a good one.


  1. You really must have crime problems to worry about putting out boxes. Congratulations on the great clean-out. Accomplishing organization and cleaning is always a good feeling.

  2. It is a great feeling. It is amazing how going into spring the urge to tidy and organize seems to abound.


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