Monday, 1 September 2014

September blossoms

Spring is here. Oh the joy. Blossoms have appeared on the trees. The grass is slowly but surely turning green and high levels of antihistamines are being taken.

On the way to pick up my child from school, my poor little French car started coughing and wheezing. The dial did a bit of a feint and only started working again when I turned the engine off and on again. My little car is now 13 years old and even though she has only done 78 000 km, she is is a teenager and is prone to having tantrums. I dashed to the dealership and booked her in for a probe. Hopefully she survives.
It really felt as if all the cylinders were not firing. There was a harsh smell when I got out of the car. Perhaps the head gasket has blown. Lets hope she can come home again. *SIGH* silly car. She has become such a fixture in my life. The car has been used to drive my eldest to varsity and back for the full four years that she was being educated. My youngest has been transported to and from school almost every day that she has gone to school. In fact almost all of the 78 000 km has been used for the transportation of my children. Oh well what will be will be.

I have now made 108 flowers for my Granny's garden and this is almost half way. I made 37 flowers in August which puts me just ahead of the curve.
I am now doing purple flowers. I still do not have a clear picture of how the final quilt will look like, but the flowers are pretty.

Yesterday my family and I went and had lunch with a school friend that I have not seen for 20 years. It was lovely to see her again and catch up. 20 years is too long between visits. I will try and organise regular get together. It is shocking how quickly life can go by. I do think that this current age is lovely. I have made friend around the world and I can visit with you through your blogs. We are truly lucky to be alive in this time.

I am being very sentimental today so let me just wish you well and hope you have an amazing day.

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