Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy May Day 2014

Happy Workers Day. I like to think of myself as a worker. I think all people who work with their hands as workers.
As a career I sit have sat and typed for the last 36 years. I don't even type very fast and still find myself looking at my fingers to see where the letters are. I think that is why I have always been creative.
 I have a need to make things as the work I do largely leaves nothing in it's wake to show that it was there.  I have always wondered about the effect of interacting with machines for too many years. I know that you get a feeling that you should be able to direct life, seeing as you writing programs pretty much is the pinnacle of being bossy.

As it has now been proved; Sitting on you butt, in an office is detrimental to your health. I suppose sitting on you butt being creative is not that much better. It is the compromise, the yucky one pays and allows you to do the fun one, but uses up most of the time that would be better spent being creative.

So happy workers day and I hope that you all have time to be creative.

With the Dear Jane completed, I am now doing a Cathedral window wall hanging. I have stitched the little blocks together and  I am now covering the foreground batting with fabric. The end part of April had so many public holidays that I have been able to get a whole lot done.

Cathedral window wall hanging
The dear Jane has been slept under and was lovely. The ridges of the close quilting made it very snuggly. I am trying to find Colour catches, but coming from the deepest darkest continent, these things are not always easy to find. I will probably order some, but it does feel a bit silly ordering wash time items on-line.

Autumn Leaves

The weather here is getting quite nippy and all of our trees are losing all of their leaves. The winter dryness has started and hand cream is becoming an essential item.
Autumn in our back yard

We have may day off, so I am now going to dash and get some stitching in.

Have an amazing day.

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