Friday, 16 May 2014

Kathy's Blocks

 I thought it would be fun to start a new hobby. This was the first large quilt that I made.

I stitched all of the pieces by hand and then quilted it by hand.

Enjoy hopping.

Quilt festival


  1. This is your first quilt?! Wow!

  2. Well so, you should stick to this hobby because this quilt is quite something! :) Well done!.

  3. Your FIRST quilt? Wow. You are definitely talented. This was some undertaking for a first quilt. You should be very proud of yourself. Your choice of colours is stunning - the whole quilt is just so alive. Well done.

  4. oh, just noticed, and HAND stitched and HAND quilted. That is some achievement.

    1. Thanks. I had been studying for 5 years before this and it was really filling a need that had been created by the absence of text books. I had my degree and thought of getting a second one in psychiatry, after reading some of those text books, I decided the theorist were really sickos, so in a way you could say that quilting is a Freudian slip. I have always had busy fingers and had been thinking of quilting for a while.

  5. You did this all by hand?? Wow - great work!

  6. Wow. Good on you.
    I love hand quilting. It is so relaxing

  7. I hope you plan on continuing quilting--you have a gift! And then to read it is all by hand--I am floored with all the creativity!!

  8. Gorgeous! What an AWESOME first quilt to start your new hobby. Hand pieced? WOW!


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