Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy April Fools Day

Welcome April, the only month to start with a Fools Day.

I love the fact that even though we all think we are so advanced in our concepts of civilization, we still practice so many of the Roman holidays. So much of the symbolism that is attached to religious holidays comes from the original Roman holidays. So next time you eat a chocolate bunny, just have a think about why you are doing it. Well yes it is in the very question... chocolate... duh.

March whizzed by with much comings and goings. My daughters’ wedding was lovely. She looked lovely and I did the silly thing of tearing up when I saw my husband walk her down the aisle. She looked beautiful. Yesterday for the first time I saw that she had changed her name on Face book. That was a bit of a moment. I try to be a non-clingy mother and allow her to be an adult, (She is turning 30 this year) but sometimes it is a bit difficult.

Our ASDL line went down for 4 days. Oh the horror! I tried with a 3g USB stick, but the slowness was too much. I was going to use it today if I had to, but, thankfully the line came back last night. First world problems are such a bother.

The weather is getting to be the way I like it. Just the way that goldilocks liked her porridge, neither too hot nor too cold. We had 3 weeks of rain and that was lovely. I know that most people were getting grumpy about the moisture, but I love it and so did the garden. I hope we get a bit more before winter sets in and then we have to hold our breaths until we get rain at the start of summer. Living with no rain for many months is really not nice. Eventually there is soo much static, that you can believe that you have a new super power, and that your name should be either Shocky or Sparky. 

  Progress on the Dear Jane is occurring. I have less that 10% to go. This means that I have 21 blocks left to quilt. Yay! It seems that the closer you get to the corners, the easier it is to do the quilting. I am so excited to think that the end is nigh... LOL. (This is my youngest doing a Kilroy for me)

I finished another YLI quilting bobbin, that makes it number 2. 

I have started have stress however, about the finishing of the quilt. The question that is currently plaguing me is the sequence in which I should do the binding. Currently I think I will stitch on the bias binding, then cut the excess fabric. Then roll hem the cut edge and then finally wrap the binding over and stitch it on the back.

This past weekend, my family helped my make the Bias binding. I think we got just a bit carried away as we made 27 meters of the stuff. I bought polka dot fabric from the one fabric store which is 75 km away and then when I popped into the fabric store that is 2 km away I spotted this fabric. I think it is lovely. I think it will frame the quilt nicely.

The other thing which I have to resolve is how I am going to Label the quilt. The two options are, sewing on the corner like Jane did, or put the label on the back. Which way are you going to do it?

Hope everyone has an amazing April.
Have a good one.


  1. So exciting to be that close to the end of a huge project! That is a lot of thread you stitched... amazing!

    1. Thanks Kathy, I now only have the corners that need quilting. So Exciting!

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have a wedding? Especially of your children! When my son got married, which is different, I actually got extra happy when I saw that my DIL had changed her last name to his!
    I've always labeled on the back, but have seen the ones in the corner. Problem is, mine would have to be a very big triangle. I seem to write more than just name and date!

    1. Wedding are wonderful. I will probably do a label at the back. Do you embroider your labels?


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