Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dear Jane - quilting completed

 I have just stitched the last stitch of quilting on my Dear Jane. It has taken me 203 days to do the quilting. I had a goal of doing 1 block a day. In my estimation there are 281 blocks that need quilting. This is including the triangles. I sped up with my time off work in December and yay I finished 78 days early.
I like the graph it shows the speed up. I also think it is easier to quilt the closer to the edge you get.

I have used up 1.5 spools of YLI and whole lot of boxes of plasters. I put a plaster on my centre right finger so that the metal thimble does not hurt. I also put a rubberised plaster my pointy finger to improve grip. I like the fact that plasters have become part of craft supplies.

I have been working out numbers for doing the binding. I think with the curves on each block at the most it will be about 4 metres a side. So that is 16 metres of sewing on the bias. 16 metres of tacking the quilt in place and then 16 metres of sewing the bias binding on the back. This makes 48 metres of stitching.
 If I aim for 2 metres a day then the quilt should be finished on the 6th of May. With Easter and all the other holidays that we have in this country this month, I will hopefully finish it before then. It is times like this that I really do question not using my sewing machines to just whip on the binding.
I like being doing it all by hand so I must take the fun of stitching on the binding, just the same as I have with the piecing of the quilt by hand.

The spider is inspecting the work. Please note his hairy legs.

Have an amazing day!


  1. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!

    1. Thanks. I am pleased to be on the next step, but, I am battling a bit with putting the binding on a curvy edge. I am sure I will eventually feel comfortable doing it.

  2. Spider...yuk...
    I use a rubber thimble called COMFORT THIMBLE. It has a padded end, shaped for if you have fingernails and very comfortable. I have bought 5 so they are all around me. I know they are available from PUNCH WITH JUDY (online) about $14

    1. That sounds great. I use the rubber thimble for the left hand, but I find it too wobbly for the right hand. I will look into the ones you mentioned.


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