Sunday, 22 September 2013

Happy Spring/Autumn equinox and Jane is ready for quilting

Happy Spring/Autumn equinox. What an amazing weekend this is turning out to be.

It was my husband and my 17th Wedding
anniversary yesterday. I have been truly blessed with my life with him. I had waited for many years to meet him and when I did I realised that there was a reason for waiting. I do have to thank him for our life together.

The next amazing thing we did was go shopping for my eldest daughters wedding gown. We actually found one and bought it for her. It takes 16 weeks to create it so hopefully in four months time there will be a dress. I must say that there is a part of me that is filled with trepidation that the dress may not arrive and then we will only have 6 weeks for plan b. A dress will appear and I will keep reminding myself to be positive.

At last I have a backing for my Dear Jane. After so much ruminating on the subject it was quite a relief to come up with a solution to the problem. I went with bright and cheerful and whipped up a pieced backing. It amazes me how fast a quilt can be created when you use a sewing machine. I supposed that is a ah duh statement. As the pictures show it is quite bright.

Today my husband and teenage daughter helped pin it all together. Now this makes it an amazing thing as the sweet child helped without grumbling too much. The cats too had to do inspection layer after layer. With my husband helping it was a true test of the first day of our 18th year together. I will post the photos and you can see how it went.
 Firstly we put down the backing and taped it in place.

Then on went the batting and this too got pasted in place. Please note that each step has been inspected by the cat.

 The centre was found. The cat actually had to be pushed off it so that a mark could be made.
The top was then positioned using the centre mark as well as the edged.  The orange cat did the diagonal test.
He then did a meander around the edge to make sure that everything was still to his liking.
The quilt is now in this state after we had done the pinning and now it is ready for my to tack the edged to keep it neat whilst I am quilting.

I am quite excited to start the quilting. I am debating as to whether to start a new page on the top to show how each block gets quilted. I will see how it goes.

This is a long weekend here so I hope to get at least a decent start.

Hope you all are having an amazing equinox.

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