Friday, 1 March 2013

Autumn Marches in

So March is here and if we go with popular beliefs this is the start of autumn. The weather here is still too hot and the relief of cooler weather will really be appreciated. 

Wow wasn't February an amazing month what with the Pope resigning, a asteroid missing us and then on the same day a 17 metre asteroid not missing us and hitting Russia instead. I would have love for it to have happened on December the 21st. That would have made people find religion fast!

On the darkest continent the news about everything is still as horrid as ever, I sometimes despair about this country. The lack of morals seems to have seeped into every corner of this society. I find it amusing that documentaries are being made as how amazingly good this place is by all the people who have buggered off and don't have to put up with all the stuff that goes down here and the total lawlessness that occurs everywhere. It is so easy to be a liberal if you don't have to put up with it. Theory is always better that practice. Anybody want to adopt an African family, I have heard that it is all the rage.

Around the world and even here we are all finding out that we have been chowing down on strange asses and horses and kangaroos and all sort of mammals that make people all unhappy about being carnivores. Tee hee I wonder how many will turn vegetarian for a while?

Well I am now 84% complete with my dear Jane and are busily making the border. I have papered up all of the triangles I will be using in between the pieced ones. I have finished all of the green and yellow triangles and now it is onto the orange. It seems to be taking me 2 days to do 1 of them so hopefully I can manage both orange and red before next month.

There have been some fun numbers in my life. Firstly having seen the counter which was 100 more than the overture.This morning when I parked my car it had done 65333 km. My car is now approaching 10 years old, so that really is low mileage. I always used to change my cars when I was reaching 100 000 km as that is when in my opinion cars basically fall apart.

Have a good one

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