Monday, 1 October 2012

October oh yay.

October oh yay.

If we lived in Germany then October would be amazing with lashings of beer and sour kraut.
Nummy. Though due to my ancestors being a bit dumbass and leaving Germany, here I sit in the deepest darkest continent on this planet. Though with them coming over to a new continent I have within my genetic make-up a mish mash of German, French, Irish, British and Scottish ancestors. So if biodiversity is good for the selection of stronger genes to carry forward in my gene pool then my children are extremely lucky even though they will never be entered in any pedigree show. Yay being a European pavement special. The other thing is that people that came to the wilds of Africa were either brave or scoundrels running away from their past so either way that does make us interesting..

We still have not everything replaced that the idiots who broke into our house stole. Today we are having the trellidoor reinstalled. Trellidoors are cages we keep our selves in, to protect us from the thieving bastards who roam our streets. I will be less cross when I have everything back as it was. This is about the 7th time that we have had our possessions redistributed against our wishes. It makes me cross due to the fact that we freely give people stuff on a continuous and never hoard items. aaargh.

Though once I had seen that they had destroyed our front entrance, I went into the study where they had stolen my husbands beautiful screen and thankfully left the tub with my dear Jane blocks in. Even though we have a horrid week or two, I managed to get up to 106 blocks which is 63% of the middle blocks and once again almost made it a block a day.

The weather has been vacillating between hot and cold. I never look forward to summer as it really gets too hot. The trees are getting all their new leaves and are looking amazing. I can't as yet take pictures as this is something else the shmucks stole. (Not the trees, but the camera)

Work is being annoying with them wanting me to fly to Bloemfontein as some piece of work, decided to redistribute the companies assets. I think this sucks as the plane is a turbo-prop and not even a real plane. Let see if my butt fits into the seats of this thing, if not I will climb off and the stupid lawyers can come up to civilisation.

We made suet blocks for the wild birds in the garden and they make an amazing noise with them competing for the food. I am still sad that we don't have squirrels in Gauteng.

OK keep cool and keep on.

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