Friday, 21 September 2012

Happy spring equinox

The spring equinox is here and with it the bright mornings and waking up at amazingly early times.

Spring equinox is also my husband and my wedding anniversary. We met on the winter solstice and married 3 months later. We probably would have got married sooner but it was cute to do it with reference to where the sun was.

This week has however been a bit of a stressful time with us experiencing a robbery at our house. The pieces of nonsense that broke it broke our 3 metre by 3 metre sliding door in our lounge and then used a crowbar to pop our security doors that where there to keep people like them out of our house.
They only had 3 minutes in our property before our security company was there, but in that time they managed to steal screens and destroy a whole lot of stuff. The other thing they stole was my camera and this makes me especially sad due to the fact that I have just recently got over my fear of damaging it and hav
e started taking photos on a regular basis. Oh well this can be added to the challenge of living in the darkest continent on the planet.

My dear jane is coming along nicely. I am currently doing my yellow ring of blocks. I also finished the 4 heart block which was worrying me as I am not appliquing any of the blocks. One of the sides of one of the blocks is not perfect, but, otherwise it is ok. This quilt is a great leveler of perfectionists. I have come to realise that the original wasn't perfect so my version of it doesn't have to be perfect either. (It is either that or I will never finish it).

Everybody have an amazing spring equinox. 

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