Friday, 5 October 2012

Another Friday

Yay yay it is Friday and yet this morning was buggered up by some idiot having stolen our beautiful gate motor. After having been robbed only 2 and a half weeks ago it is really bringing into question the enjoyment of the deepest darkest continent. The sense of decency and honourability is sadly lacking in almost all the citizens, with even the ones professing a religion not seeming to be able to understand right from wrong! Oh well, this too I will have to get over.

On a more amusing angle, I had to renew my drivers licence this week and this being the deepest darkest continent, our finger prints need to be taken for the re-issuing of said licence. Well due to my excessive hand stitching I have so many crags and fissures on my thumb that the machine could not discern my print. All the buggers had better take up stitching as it would allow them to destroy their finger prints.

Well have a good day and may your posessions still be yours until such time as you wish to give them away. Have a happy day.

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