Saturday, 1 September 2012

September springs in.

September has meandered in with the sun returning to us and it is wonderful.

The blossoms are on the peach tree in glorious pink splendour. September is a fun month with my wedding anniversary happening on the 21st and this will be 16 years married. We met on the winter solstice (June 22) and got married on the spring equinox (September 21) we only waited the 3 month due to not wanting to look too enthusiastic. Yay what fun. My sister is up from East London so that has been very nice.

On a more sober note, tomorrow my mother has been gone for a decade. Sad to be a half orphan.

I have completed 77 blocks on my dear Jane so that means I did 29 blocks this month. The blocks are looking cute with me trying to inject a little humour in either the colour choice or the fussy cutting of things like stars of cob webs. Now that I am in the midst of the quilt my brain is being naughty and has started day dreaming about my next project. I think the next one will be a wall hanging,

I am looking forward to seeing which birds come back to the garden after them woosing out and going to visit their European homes. I just worked out though that saying birds springing in the garden just sound stupid. We may have a hardee dah pair creating a nest in one of the trees, that will be fun to watch.

Have an amazing spring.

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