Monday, 2 July 2012

July is here and so is winter

July in all it's dullness is here and is horrid as ever. Living in deepest, we really only have two months when it gets really chilly and due to this fact, our houses are not insulated and we always sleep with the windows open. (mostly so that our cats can get in and out of our bedroom). Well when winter arrives our house is miserable. We tend to hibernate with dinner being eaten and then retiring to watch telly cuddled under the quilt. I like that bit about winter. The cats too are really affectionate, this too is a plus. On the other side however, the grass is all yellow, there are no leaves on the trees and everything is so dry that static has taken over the world.
In winter we also feed the birds that did not pop off for their european vacation. We seem to have at least 100 birds that come abd eat at the seed station. We also have 2 Ibisus which we call hardy dahs which live in the garden and stay need the pool. Well seeing as they are meat eaters we have been feeding them cat biscuits with inner gravy. They really seem to enjoy the biscuits. The funny thin is that they seem to be getting an extremely healthy shine on their feathers, so whatever the manufacturers of the add to make cats coats shine also works on birds. We feed our cats really larny cat food that will allow them to live until they are ancient, and the food that we feed the Ibusus is really not expensive. The 1 cat loooves the cheapo food, I think he thinks it is fast food.

I got my bolt of s28 arctic white so now I am all set to be able to do the whole of the dear jane in the same stunning colour. The only problem with having white as a background is that the orange cat draps the red soil from outside and deposits it on the quilt. On saturday the irish chain required 2 sessions through the washing machine to get rid of the evidence of where he snuggles up at night.

Progress on the Dear Jane is as follows:

Stay well and keep warm.

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