Wednesday, 25 July 2012

July almost over

What a miserable month July is. All the trees have lost their leaves and the grass is brown. And being africa, almost every day there are patches of grass that have been set alight. This leaves huge patches of black in an already depressing landscape. In Johannesburg where I live we have a summer rain season, so apart from being extremely miserable due to the landscape, we also are suffering from horrid static. Taking off clothing causes a minor lightening show and the poor cats are having bad hair days almost every day.

Okay that's it for whining.

Work is. See that almost sounds like whining again. oh well.

Stitching is going well and there is an exciting quilt show on the weekend.
Last weekend we went to a cat and dog show. We have been visalating between getting a Maine coon or an oriental after our white kitty past away last year after being with us for 15 years. Well last year just after she died we went to the same show and my husband really wanted one of those naked cats. (Sphinx). This year however once again the Maine coons are at the top of the list. It is such a big descision deciding who is going to join our family. The problem is that we have 2 spoilt monsters and we would hate for them to feel anything other than special. We will wait and see who actually comes to live with us.

The youngest is writing exams. This sounds fine except that the kids are supposed to be picked up after they have finished writing. This is fun as I have to dash out of work to pick her up and then dash home so that I can connect and then work from there. Thank goodness I can actually work from home, though it does cause extra stress of having to prove that work is happening.

Well let me get back to doing some work, though sitting at work all you have to do is prove that your butt is in your chair.

Have a good one.

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