Wednesday, 11 April 2012

View from the work place

I took this picture from the pause area at work where I sit and phone my husband. How depressing. This is of course just one view and taken at a specific angle as I thought it would make an interesting visual, if I had wanted to I could have twisted the phone about 10 degrees and taken a picture of a palm tree. It is the same as the story of the view of an elephant seen by a blind person, depending where you focus the place you are can look very different. I suppose that is true for the whole of deep.

My work place is actually not that bad seeing as when I look out of the window at my desk, I look across at a golf course. The only problem is that the blinds need to be drawn or I cannot see my computer screen due to the glare, but, I know it is there when I need to look.

The last picture is what my husband looks at from his office. These ducks are living on the 9th floor of an office block. I think they are adorable.

Have a good one

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