Monday, 16 April 2012

Study stuff

I had to come home to deal with the telephone people so whilst waiting for them I took a few pictures of some of the fun stuff hanging in our study.  

This is a Turkish clock given to me by Melissa, I think it is way cool..

Then we have the piggies, I found this dish towel about 20 years ago and it spoke to me on individuality et al. so I had it framed 

The castle and dragon I had seen for about 10 years before I decided to stitch it.

The next are Chinese dragons that I gave Manie for his birthday, seeing as we all like dragons and love Chinese work.

The next dragon was an add on to one of manie’s games (Skyrim) but I thought it was cute enough to lurk in one of our corners,

This dragon was given to me by my sister, way artsy

Well that is a tour of some of the stuff
Have a good one

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