Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wednesday - half way there to the weekend

So far this week our gate motor was struck by lightening and now needs to be replaced. This is cool, but, the funny thing is that security has to be added to the motor as people are now stealing gate motors.

 I can remember when I was growing up the gates we either open or closed and a human had to achieve either of these states.

Now that the new motor is in all I can say is that the last motor was very tired. The new motor opens the gate with great gusto and just a little bit of swagger. I think there are roids involved somehow.

Though looking at the new motor with is flashy bling, it almost has a Dalek esqe look about it. Hopefully it is not programmed to destroy vehicle when they drive through.

Back to the good olde days.
 I also remember when crisps came in paperish packets and these too came in two flavours... stale and fresh. I think that live has taken major strides in all the years that I have lived and people who say different have probably forgotten the reality of their childhoods and not just the pretty memories that they have retained. It is the same about your school years, what a sad life you have if your school years were the happiest years of your life. I think life gets better and better the more you live as you can understand that things just happen and that is it. The other thing about now that is better is the tech; the wonder of all the the toys could not have been imagined by me. I would have platzed by butt off if I had been presented with all the amazing tech that is now available.

Have a good one.

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