Thursday, 23 February 2012

Another week older

So this week I have been sewing my Irish chain together. I have worked out that to sew the top together I have 121 metres of stitching to do. I have timed myself for the last 2 night and worked out that I stitch at about 1.75 metres an hour, so after putting numbers into a spreadsheet, i can see that it is going to take me 69.25 hours, and with an average of 2 hours a day stitching time I recon on 35 days and the top will be together. Then I can use the amazing wool batting.

Work is still tenuous; so holding breath on that front, though I have decided to take my stuff home slowly but surely so as I do not have to walk out with a box should my contract not be renewed. As they say in the theatre 'never let them see you bleed', well the same goes for large corporates.

With my current dear Jane obsession I am allowing to plan which colours i need and how much of each colour. I think my stash will be the source of most of these fabrics. My husband paled slightly when I mentioned to him that a dear Jane consists of 281 blocks and would it not be a hoot if it contained 282 different colours (one for the back ground). Though deciding what colours to use and their placement is a challenge as the original is soo old, and what would Jane have used if she had the option to chose from a myriad of colours.
It is a fun thing to think about.

Have a good one.

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