Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March marches in 2016

I am sure that I have used this heading before. That is one thing about knowing your self, you become predictable. I was just about to go to sleep when I was shocked to realize that I had not done my first of the month post. 

Work has been chaotic. I was drifting off thinking that it is three weeks to the Easter break and that I really must decide what my next quilt must be. I don't think that Kathy's quilt is a do-er.  I really hate to give up on a quilt, so maybe I will keep the blocks to make a lap quilt or wait for inspiration. What has come to mind is a post stamp quilt. I already have a whole lot of 5cm by 5cm blocks covered. This may be a good idea. The blocks are the left overs from my Irish chain.

I could just ease into it by covering a whole lot more blocks and then just start with doing a grab bag and see how it goes. It will soon be the start of Autumn and the cooler weather will soon be here. 

The family tree is almost there. There are still some relatives that will have to remain a mystery. I have resolved my husbands family and found out way to much about a family that share my ancestors' surname but are not related to us. Is it stalking if the people lived 100 years ago but you have their photos and all their info? I hope not. I almost feel obliged to do their family tree. Weird the information that is out there that can be found out. 

It is time to do some stitching. 

Hope one and all are well.

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  1. What a bright and colourful Irish chain. We're in the middle of a major winter storm - snow falling fast and blowing around. The green grass in your photo sure looks inviting.


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