Monday, 1 February 2016

February - flies in

Lake on ancestors farm - Loche Athlone
February is here. I don't know whether to happy or sad about this. Jan flew by. I went on a road trip and drove to a town named Ficksburg to attend a court case. It was a long drive down and a harrowing drive back. The harrowing bit coming from the fact that it was raining really hard and the highway that I was taking was full of huge trucks. My car felt the same size as their tires and each time I passed one, my car was buffered with water.

The whole Ficksburg trip caused me to ponder my family tree, as a relative in the past was shot dead there. I have since found out where he fits into the family tree. My genetics was in no danger. It was interesting to see all of the beautiful farm land. My ancestors were farmers and from the outside it really does look like a lovely life. I love modern technology, but the peace and quiet would be an amazing thing to experience.

Quilting has still not happened. I am hoping with cooler weather approaching, the inspiration to sew will return. This is the natural ebb and flow of interests. 
I have been doing projects since I was 6 years old. Television only started being broadcast here in 1976, so I was brought up with the concept of having something to keep the hands busy. The other thing is that in my career, I produce nothing that is tangible. In 20 years time, all the systems that I have written would have been replaced. Not that I will care, as in 20 years I would hopefully not worked for 14 years. 

The other reason for the lack of enthusiasm, is that I have made a quilt for each member of the family as well as few extra. As quilts normally take me about 2000 hours to create, I prefer that there is a need to be covered. My eldest should do her bit and create a grandchild so that I could be inspired to create various bedding requirements for the new family member. I have heard of children being had for all sort of reasons that don't make sense. Entertaining me sounds like a marvelous idea. 

Hope everyone is surviving the harsh weather that is going around. We will soon be in Spring and Autumn and hopefully the extremes will settle down.

Hope you have a good one.

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