Saturday, 25 July 2015

Bonnet Sues made

I have now completed the applique experiment, and although I am no closer in deciding on the quilt I will work on next, at least I have made two Sun Bonnet Sues. Fun enough but now onto the next thing.

I found a new fabric store today and this has now been added to shops that have disappointed me. There were pretty enough fabrics, though not many colours in each of the fabrics and quite pricey.

Moda solids which I can get online for around $6 dollars they were charging $16. They had no YLI thread and did not seem at all interested when I asked them to get some. Seeing as I am happy to by a whole box of thread it really would not have been difficult for her to move the product.

Oh well, maybe some day...

For my next bit of entertainment I am going to do some texture quilting and see how it turn out.

The cat wanted his picture taken. He is the kitten, all grown up, still very beautiful.

I think this is quite a good picture of him.

Hope you are having a stunning weekend.

Have a good one!

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