Monday, 1 June 2015

Just in time June..

May sped past at quite a rate. I spent some effort and joined the quilt festival. It was great to see so many beautiful quilts. There really is an amazing amount of talent out there. I have been busy quilting my Granny's garden.
 I have completed quilting all of the flowers and have started on the borders. I have completed the one side and done about 90% on the second side. I still need to finish the edges and then add the bias binding. The worst thing is that I am working against a deadline that I will not make.

I started this quilt on the 7th of June 2014 and it would have been awesome to complete it on the 7th of June 2015. We have a public holiday to the 16th of June, so I recon that is probably when I will complete it. Let us see. I also am finding it hard going doing the border. It is just a tad boring.

Oh well, stitching does that sometimes.
I am still on the hunt for my next project. The next thing I am going to do is quilt a smallish quilt that has been waiting to be quilted since 2011.

The weather is still bearable. The only time it gets really nippy is first thing in the morning. I am sure it will soon be very cold.

Hope you have an excellent project to work on and the weather is neither too hot or too cold; in other words let all hope for bear porridge weather that is just right.

The quilt was draped over a chair so that I could take the pictures. A short while later I saw a bit of movement and this is who had sneaked in for a quick nap.

Have a good one.


  1. Your project is looking great. Keep on quilting. It is nearly finished and is looking great. Well done.
    Will be watching for the finish

    1. Thanks Jo, It will be fun to see how many days after a year that I actually complete it. Currently almost finished the border on the third side...


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