Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Father's day and Winter Solstice

Today it is not only Father's day, but also Winter solstice. Both of these make me happy. 
To my husband who has been an excellent father to my girls, I say thanks and well done. And to my father, I also say thanks and I will phone you later as you live thousands of kilometers away.
I hope all the fathers out there are recognized if they too are good fathers.

Winter solstice is equally exciting as the sun is now coming back to the southern hemisphere. I am now bored with winter, it is too cold and dry. I have so much static in my hair, I am starting to resemble our brown cat who in winter seems to walk around with things stuck to her fur.

I found a few winter quilts which I thought would be fun to share.
Hope everyone has an amazing Sunday and have a project to keep your fingers busy. 

Have a good one

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