Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy May day

Happy workers day. May you have the day off to pursue your bliss. I will be quilting, so that is me sorted. The weather is getting a tad nippy. Quilts have been changed and now we are sleeping under my Dear Jane quilt. I batting is 100% cotton which adds extra warmth. 
The summer quilt we use is a 20% polyester 80% cotton mix which interestingly enough makes the quilt a lot lighter. The Dear Jane has so many joins that it is actually a lot heavier than other quilts that I have made of the same size. In preparation of actually using the quilt, I did the first washing of it.
I have been avoiding doing this as I was scared of colour leakage. And sure as anything one of the reds that I used, oozed onto the surrounding white. Luckily I did have a colour catcher box of stuff. It removed most of the free radical/dye blobs and there is only a faint blush left. I need some more, but, this is not something that is readily available in the part of the globe where I live. I did think that I might try and see if I can make some myself. I am sure I read on a blog on how to do it.
Progress is going well on the Granny's garden. Last night I finished quilting flower number 100. There are still 104 flower as well as the border to go. The great thing is that the center is done and I don't have to twirl the quilt around each side of a hexie. I am trying to have fun with the quilting. It looks like I have done a whole lot, and then I fold it up for the night and all I see is the areas that are not quilted. 
We have today off work, so I am going to start stitching. Hope you too are able to have fun today.
Have a good one.

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