Saturday, 2 May 2015

Come and have a cup of Tea.

This is just a quick walk through my kitchen to the study whilst I have a cup of tea. This all started whilst having my cup of tea and looking into the kitchen. I realized that I have a large amount of stuff on the walls. This is just a meander from the start of the kitchen through to the study and then a little whirl around whilst sitting on my chair.
As you walk into the kitchen from the rest of the house there are 4 pictures of the seasons. Once again primary colours are present. We have an extra large clock on the wall above the window that faces the garden. I see that the battery on this clock has just run out. Our house needs electronic clocks, Each clock shows a different time. It would drive an uptight family around the bend. We put them to the correct time once a month and then see how it goes.
I don't wear a watch as who needs one if you work on computers and own a cell phone.
This is the actual time. Way to go ninja turtles, I knew you could do it. The cat in the picture looks at us from his perch. Note that there is a barn lurking in the corner of the picture. There are also quilts hanging on the washing line. 

Even when I was doing all of these cross stitch pictures, most of them had quilts in them. Here is frosty the snowman. Over the years he has gathered a whole lot of friends.

I suppose he should go into hibernation, but he sits there year round and enjoys the view of the kitchen.

I like the collection of cows. Most of these have been sitting in the kitchen for a very long time.

To go with the cows on the shelf, I had stitched a whole collection of cows. This one made it onto the wall. One day I may make a quilt out of all of the cross stitch pictures that I have in my sewing room.

This is above the washing up sink. I am now going to turn left and go through the door into the study. The study has the largest collection of stuff on the walls. 

There is no single theme in this room, but rather an eclectic collection of items that show who we are.

At my desk on the one side I have a framed printed cloth. I liked the black piggy among all the other pink ones. Individuality is worth being different. 

These are all happy little piggies.

Above my monitor, I have yet another clock, this one has had three clock inside put into it, and as always it does not seem to be able to keep the time thing going. 

The dragon and the castle was probably the most difficult cross stitch that I ever did. This was one of those pictures where strands of different colours had to be mixed together to add texture to the picture.

Above my daughters desk is a picture that I bought at an "Artist under the sun " show. I really like this. What it actually represents is for each person to decide. I personally can see the sea.  

Now on the next wall is the room's window and above the window there is even more stuff. Well actually only one light in the middle and a dragon in the corner. My sister gave me this dragon. I like the coloured glass that is put in the middle of the tin that the dragon is made of. 
Mood lighting is cool, but the reality is that we have spot light that light up each wall, and we normally forget to switch the dragon light on. The dragon on the corner above my husbands' desk, came with one of his games. It fitted into the general mess of the study. The orange flower thing is my attempt at free form stain glass picture, 

I seem have a deep need to take materials apart and reform them into something else. This could explain why I enjoy quilting so much.
And finally the last wall that has stuff on it. This is by the same artist that did the blue picture.

Hope you have an amazing Saturday and that you have things on your wall that make you feel at home.

Have a good one.

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  1. Kathy, have moved many times, and as long as I can get my pictures and quilty things up on the wall I am home. Love the piggies. Happy Saturday, Sally


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