Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Q4 - Rachels star quilt


Q4 is to be a quilt for Rachel. She too wanted a quilt so all the quilts in my head shuffled up 1 place in my project phases and a quilt for Rachel took over Q4. Q4 is going to be for a single bed and reflects the fact that this is for a teenage daughter - all stars and interesting colour combinations.

The dates were as follows:     Design start date     - 6th of March 2011
                                              Piecing start date    - 8th of March 2011
                                             Top completed date - 1st May 2011
                                             Quilting completed - 1st July 2011
Stats                                     colours                   - 8
                                            blocks                     - 850
Here is the design:
The next evolution in the design. This may still happe a few moretimes until critical mass is achieved in making pieces at which time I normally quieten down and just sew.
Here is the material, soooooo pretty!

Update 17 march 2011
I have started stitching after sitting and covering 670 pieces of paper with fabric. It went much quicker this time as we purchased a paper guillotine and this really was a lot faster than cutting each piece of paper at a time. It took me 3 hours to stitch 1 and a half blocks which means I am going to need more than 100 hours to complete the top. Oh well that probably means that I will not be completing it this weekend.
Update 22 March 2011
Long weekend over... managed to complete 14 stars. 2 more and I am half way. Back to work and feeling grumpy,,that is the problem with long weekends - they are soo nice that going back to work sucks!!
Been many months but Rachels quilts is now complete.
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