Sunday, 16 October 2016

Put a label on it

Yay! I have been creative this weekend. I made a fabric ball. So much fun and actually got me energized to create something. I have made a few of these as it is my go-to present for babies. 

It does not take too long and it is a fun gift to give.  

I made almost 2 of them as I went off and started without planning first.
I worked out that as it takes 20 hexagons to make a ball, I could make it with 4 flowers. I thought that these could be arranged to create a ball. I tried and tried even going so far as to make paper balls and then using a marker to draw flowers at different position. No luck, that which I wished would not work. 

I restarted the project and went with a random concept. I rummaged though the boxes of fabric and chose 20 pieces that seemed to go together. From start to finish it took about 12 hours. I am happy with the result. I am happy also to have had a needle and thread in my hand.

I put a cat ball on the inside of the ball surrounded by stuffing. The ball now makes a delightful tinkle.

The question now comes up of whether or not to sew a label on the ball, as it is for a baby. Do you add a label to the ball when you give the present? Do you just give the ball without indication that it was made
specifically for the person?
Is it just egotistical to want the recipient to realize that specific effort was used to create the gift? 

I have added a label. Hope the baby likes it's present.

Have an awesome day!

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