Friday, 1 July 2016

July: here is to a great month.

As the month of June comes to an end, I am sitting in a hospital bed. I have a horrid flair up of an infection I originally had 5 years ago. I have to admit that it started jiggling about a month ago and I tried to wait it out. Kathy's belief in ailments is that they will get bored and go away.

This Sunday however the pain won, I conceded defeat and have been here ever since. being under the weather is such a gross thing. They did surgery on Sunday night and just to show me that I was really bad, I am walking around with a drain. Major gross! The damn thing won't stop drawing and that is one of the pre-requisites to leaving.  The other is that my infarction levels were beyond ‘2 aspirin and call me in the morning’.

After a week of drippy antibiotics, I am happy to see that the infection count is now only 13 times higher as much as they should be.

That is an improvement, on Sunday they were 35 times the healthy number. “It is what it is” seems to be the doctors only comment. My husband is still a bit cross as he did tell me to see the doc a month ago...but you know.. School pick ups.. Projects...things.

Hopefully you are having a lovely end of the season.
Have a good one.

P.S. Though I do think that my husband having to give up a full day's playing is the thing that annoyed him the most.
He isn't very good at the game that he is playing, so he probably should have thanked me. Boys that play epic battle games, shouldn't think they can play a game where the character seems to be constantly running up buildings and the falling off them. So in a way, Sunday was an intervention to a horrid game.


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