Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fabulous February 2015

February is here and January is done and dusted. My Granny's garden has all of it's flowers. I have squared off the flower area with green. In my mind, shrubbery around the flower garden. I have added a thin brown strip. This is to demarcate the flowers from the border.

I am now working on the borders. I have made about 100 little bricks and need to make another 550. I am going to do crazy paving with them.
 I had started making chevrons out of the bricks, when my 2 design consultants (my husband and my youngest daughter) that this was a gross idea and would look stupid. My husband has just denied the use of the word gross. Never the less.

After fiddling around I could see that possibly it was not the best design idea. I do think the mixed placement looks better. I have been given many jelly rolls over the years and this has been a fun exercise in using them up. The paving will use a whole lot more.

The kittens are growing beautifully. Yesterday I took the baby boy to the vet as he had eaten a stinging critter and one half of his face was all swollen. We have a bee hive that lives in the house's chimney, so it may have been a bee. There are many other creepy crawlies in the garden so I just wanted him checked out.
He was given a good check out and 2 injections. This morning he is just fine. His beautiful little face is once again symmetrical. Even his nose is down to it's normal size. He did have a little thug thing going on.

We have been having a whole lot of rain. The next door neighbor has a dead  tree which deposits branches each time it rains. Here is last nights deposit. I suppose wishing for them to be decent neighbors is asking too much.

Hope you all have a Fabulous February and the last 6 weeks of summer/winter go by in a pleasant manner.

Lastly I have added a video of the kitties being cute,

Have a good one.

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