Monday, 19 January 2015

Kitten update

The kittens are now 15 weeks old. They have been taken for their second inoculation and have almost double their weight. The little boy went from 1 kg to 1.9 kg. The little girl went from 1 kg to 1.7 kg. He still looks skinnier than her and is coiled nonsense. 

The little girl enjoys quilting with me. I think she enjoys the stillness of stitching. The little boy comes as well and he really loves playing soccer with my YLI thread. This is a bit of a concern as I still need to find a source of it the will ship it to the deepest depths of Africa.

Our older cat has stopped hating the babies and now allows them to be near her and even tries to licked them every now and again. There is hissing if she feels that they have over stepped the bounds.

The granny's garden is coming along. I have finished all of the flowers and have started on the border. Step one is to fill in all of the edge gaps in green. I have completed 3 sides and |I have started the 4th side. 

We have had a whole lot of rain. Thank goodness as without it, it has been swelteringly hot. Hope the temperatures are moderated wherever you are.

Here are some more pictures of the babies this weekend.

Have a good one.




Taz testing the curtains

Taz testing my breakfast.


  1. Cats and Kittens! There are very few quilters it seems that do not have a fuzzy studio companion. Can't imagine my life without one.

  2. My cat, Silver, loves to be in the room with me when I sew. At times he makes suggestions in rearranging blocks when I have them laid out on the design floor - I really need more space than the wall allows for some quilts. I am amazed that the older cat is accepting the new babies. You're lucky she's tolerating them. Doesn't happen sometimes..

    1. The older cat hated them with a passion for 3 weeks and then seemed to forget to hate them as much. Now she is happy to be near them. Thanks goodness.


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