Saturday, 1 November 2014

Remember, remember it is now November

Growing up, November was the month when my parents threw  a huge party to celebrate Guy Fawkes. A huge bonfire was built at the back of our property on which an effigy of poor Guy was thrown. There were always at least 20 or 30 children running amok with sparklers and crackers going off. Later in the evening we would have a fireworks display. We were part of the colonies and it amazes me how their traditions followed us. With changing times all of theses activities would now be breaking the law, or at least city ordinances. Burning of leaves and building fires in the suburbs is not allowed. Letting off fireworks is banned, due to the trauma caused to animals. Interestingly I did hear a whole lot of fireworks for Diwali. 

As I said times have changed.

Thinking back though, we were lucky that no serious injuries occurred. I still have a small scar where I was burnt by something at one of these bashes. All the animals that were alive at the time are no more.

It could be the times, or the people but I don't know of any people that throw the sort of parties that my parents did.

It was the sixties so I suppose they were supposed to be wild. Sadly none of the adults of  that generation that I knew actually stayed married to any one of their spouses. Most of them had multiple husbands or wives. This was done in sequence and not at the same time. :D

Time will tell, but hopefully a quieter life will have a quieter outcome.

Well that is it for October, I made 21 flowers. I know this is way lower than the 1 a day that I am supposed to make. But at this point I have 155 flowers, so I am about 75% finished.
The thing about being at a point of needing to dig deep to keep on doing something, is that almost  anything can distract you.
My husband upgraded the operating system on my machine. With the upgrade came a new set of card games. Well here are my stats and maybe an understanding why I only made 21 flowers.

Well have a lovely October with all the tradition from where you or your ancestors come from. Just think 6 weeks and then summer holidays. I think I can hold my breath until then. 

Have a good one. 


  1. Beautiful Kathy! :-)

  2. Hi!!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!! Your quilts are awesome!!!! I love them both!!!!!


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