Saturday, 15 March 2014

Happy International Quilting Day

Today is such a busy day. Firstly it is International Quilting day and I don't think that I will have any time to sit and stitch. I will rush and do a stitch or two, but that will be it. As it is, I have spent the whole week stitching beads onto fabric. I made a jacket to wear to a wedding.

Well that is the second bit of excitement. Though my daughter would probably want it to be the first. My eldest daughter is getting married today. I am about to dash off to the hairdresser, so that my hair can be beaten into submission and nary a split end will be seen.
Then there will be a dash around various shops to get the final bips and bops and then off to the wedding. The actual event is only this evening, but, we seem to be needed from mid afternoon onwards.
I see that the sky is beautifully blue and that is amazing seeing as we have had unrelenting rain for the last two weeks. I hope it stays clear for the rest of the day.

And the lastly, even though there is nothing to do about it, it is the ides of March. We had pizza last night, so here is to you big Julius.
You are still being thought of today.

A final oops, is that it was PI day yesterday. So a belated happy 3.14.
Hope everyone has time to do a stitch of two.

Have a good one.

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