Thursday, 13 February 2014

Quilting Olympics

I am just so happy to see at last that quilting has been acknowledged as an Olympic event. In fact we are all so extreme that various athletes in various disciplines are honouring the very concept of quilts by wearing bibs in an amazing array of quilt colours.
 I have always thought, when I see the calluses on my fingers and the fact that I always put plasters on my fingers before I start quilting, that quilting should be considered an extreme sport. I am happy with it just been an Olympic event. If synchronised swimming can be an event then so can quilting.

I have seen that less vigorous sports such as curling are not wearing quilts on their shoulders, but rather wear trousers that could make you go blind if you looked directly at them. Having looked closer I have realised they all would make amazingly good quilt patterns.

I like the way that the pictograms are all quilty. I have added my own interpretation to what is happening.

To all athletes who take part in the Olympics, I salute you. Take this as a homage from me who looks in wonder at your achievements.

Have a good one.


  1. This is tremendous! I love it. I manage social media for Quiltmaker magazine. May I have your permission to post this on Facebook and credit you?

    1. Very clever! Thank you for sharing this. Love it, :-)

  2. Love it! Thanks to DH for sharing your site with me...too cute.

  3. Very good! I love it. Thanks to DH Stitches for the link.

  4. Ah - great insight Kathy! I've been trying to figure out a way to work with those diamonds in the flags for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge using my crumbs. Everything else keeps getting in the way though. Thanks for the great post today!

  5. I, too, found this through Quiltmaker. Love it!

  6. Those are great - thanks for the chuckle.

  7. Love your interpretation of the events. Great blog!


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