Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New year to one and all. May the new year bring you all that your heart desires and amazing things that you could not imagine.

The year 2013 was dominated by Dear Jane. At the start of the year I had constructed 66% of the blocks and they were living in a plastic tub. So in 2013 I made 8 blocks, probably remade another 6, pieced all of the triangles and made sure that I had the triangles cut out and put onto pieces of paper. I finished creating all of the pieces at the end of April. The pieces took me 385 days to make.

I started constructing the quilt in May and completed it in August. It took me 114 days to add the sashing and stitch the quilt together. 

The backing caused me some problems as I could not decide how to do it. This wasted a month until almost the end of September at which time I started the quilting. I'm at about 50% of the quilting if you count the border or about 80% if you just count the inner blocks. I vacillate between being bored at the slowness of completion and excited as to the fact that completion is being reached. Dear Jane is truly a testament to perseverance.

As at the end of the year I had just reached 10,000 views of my blog. I think this is quite amazing. The different countries that have viewed my Dear Jane page shows that almost every corner of the world is interested in Jane's quilt. I am sure that each person who creates a rendition of this quilt is joined in the highs and lows experience through the voyage.

Lastly as always here is an Irish wish to see us into the new year.

May your troubles be less,
And your blessing be more.
And nothing but happiness,
Come through your door.

Have a good one 


  1. What a lovely way to celebrate the new year, with a reflection on your beautiful quilt. You are sure to finish the quilting this year. Any thought as to what comes next?

    1. Hopefully I will finish by June, thereby making it a 2 year project. The next quilt that I have planned is a cathedral window quilt made for a wall hanging. I have been collecting Japanese fabrics for this as I think the gold flecks and outlining will add an interesting spark to it.

  2. Hallo Quiltfriend!
    What a Fantastic beautiful job you have done with the Dear Jane Quilt! You have to be proud!!! Wish you a Happy Quilt Year!
    I have a blog too,so PLEASE, if you want to take a look the address is here;
    Greetings from Lena in Stockholm

    1. Lovely quilts and bags on your site. I will come and visit often.


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