Friday, 1 November 2013

Oh No it is November again

November is here. I don't know why but I have always found November to be an awkward month. It is the time of the year when I feel burn out. I suppose it is due to the fact that December is the month when vacations occur and when you get to November it is a wait until you can live your life without thinking about work for a while. Poor November. It should be appreciated seeing as we get rain during this month and the trees become a riot of colour, and yet as I sit here I can't muster up a hip hip or hurrah for the poor month.

Progress on the Dear Jane has happened slowly in October. My sister who lives at the coast came to visit , so that was 2 weekends that did not see much progress. After last month's estimates of completion, I have had to recalculate.
So far I have been quilting the Dear Jane for 39 days and managed to quilt 40 blocks. So now if I continue at this rate it should take me 277 days to complete, so my scheduled completion date should be no later than the 25th of June 2014. I started this journey on the 1st of June 2012 so I must try and improve my stats so that I can finish before the 1st of June 2014.

It is interesting having worked on this quilt for such a long time. Life does get imprinted on what we work on. I wonder if that is why quilts are more alive than other bed covers. Does anyone else look back and think of what happened in their lives when a specific quilt was being created.

I just created the most fabulous teapot page on pinterest. I do like the description I read about pinterest in that it allows you to be a hoarder without the clutter. I obviously have a penchant for being a hoarder, but seeing I have Feng shui-ed my house, all extraneous objects were dispersed into other peoples homes.This is the great advantage of having children in their 20's. Not only do they need stuff; they also have friends who are also setting up homes that need extraneous items. The interesting thing is that no matter how much Tupperware you give away, it seems that when you look again, it has bred a whole new generation of plasticity annoyingness. I won't pull a superior number, I do use and like Tupperware and whatever it gets up to behind closed cupboard doors is its own business :D

November is Movember here and all the men are supposed to grow a moustache in memory of someone who died of cancer. My husband will be growing one in honour of his mother who died of cancer. I will attempt to take a photo a day to see how it goes.

Hope everyone has a fab November!

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  1. Wow just love your Dear Jane quilt. I am also a hand quilter well I prefer doing everything by hand. I am also busy with a huge project. Making a crazy quilt. Have been working now for over 3 years. This last year was spent embroidery only on it. I have not done other quilting projects during this time. But even though it take me longer by hand its a journey that I just enjoy so much. And my embroidery has improved a lot. hehehehehe! I enjoy quilting by hand it gives one much more time to dream about the next and next and next project. Enjoy your day.


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