Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October - let's be festive

How can you not think of Beer fests when you think of October. This of course is silly seeing as the last one I went to was in 1977 which was quite a while ago.

We are still waiting for rain. It keeps promising and then nothing. The clouds have been pretty, but, it really does not count until the raindrops fall.

Heading into October I have quilted 6.13% now this gets into one of those maths questions. If I quilted 6.13% of the quilt in 9 days, but 4 of them were weekend days then it will take me another 147 days to complete the stitching. My poor fingers are all holey, but this always happens when I start quilting a new quilt. I don't know whether it is calluses that get formed or whether I just get back into the rhythm of it. I am posting each of the blocks as I go so that I can keep track of how it is going. 

I am employed for another 4 months which takes me to the end of January. This time there was a stressful 3 hour period where I thought I no longer had employment. It was sorted out and once again I was back into the world of being gainfully employed. I hope next year that I go back into getting longer extensions to my contract as it really is horrid waiting to see how much grovelling will be needed to get the piece of paper signed. I have worked for the same company for more than 7 years so it is a silly thing to only get short term extensions. But each time it is a relief. 

Hope you have a stunning start of the month.

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