Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pizza Night and progress

Here is this weeks progress on my Dear Jane. I removed all of the inner papers on the remaining blocks and squared off the 9th row's blocks. I have not fully got over my sulk, but, slowly but surely my enthusiasm is returning.

 Last night we had a pizza evening and it was great fun making our own. We used brown flour to add to the concept that it was an excellently health repast.

I love to see how the dough doubles in size.   Next we divided half of the dough into 3 balls and that was for each of our pizzas. The remaining dough was created into a bread using all of the left over pizza making ingredients. We will have it as a lunch at some point.

We were not very good at
making the circles but that was part of the fun. I think we should have been a bit patient after having decorated our pizza tops and let the dough rise a bit more.

We popped them all in the oven at the same time. Yay for fan assisted ovens. Then it was time for eating.

Probably not the most elegant examples of pizza, but way fun to create and we did it as a family which makes it even more special.

Have a good one


  1. I'm sure getting all the blocks just right before you put them together is fiddly, but look at the progress you have made! We all have some part of the quilt making process that holds us up. Yummy looking pizzas -- our are never quite round too, but they taste great anyway.

  2. I really don’t subscribe to the whole “must be a perfect circle” pizza. As long as it maintains a round shape and contains the toppings properly, it’s good enough for me. Sometimes I even elongate it to accommodate more ingredients.


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