Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy May day

Happy May day.
To all the people in the northern hemisphere, I hope the weather is living up to ye olde holiday for being the start of summer. I hope that all of your plants are flowering as they should. I hope that you have a faire or something fun to go to .

Here in the Southern hemisphere it is becoming nippy! We have changed from using a quilt with cotton batting to one that has  wool batting. It is amazing how the different battings do provide different levels of insulation.

The trees are all sporting yellow and orange and are looking beautiful. I love the way that nature sparkles especially brightly just before the horrors of winter, where nothing is green and everything is brown and sandy. I think this is why I really do not like to include brown in my quilts. I know it is deep and meaningful to use lower toned colours, but it just looks like winter to me.

If you are a worker then happy union May day. Hopefully on this May day there can be more jobs for more people.  I only have 60 more days before my contract comes to an end, and then after seven years of dedication, some little person up the corporate ladder wants my job to be done in India.
Being a contractor means that there are very few rules protecting us. Working in Africa there are even fewer rules that make any sense. Life will happen. I used to think that life happened as it should, but, as I have got older I realise that sometime life just happens.

Here is such a cute picture of a pencil pusher. I wonder how this artist would have interpreted a bean counter or little grey people.
Onto a nicer topic. Here are all of my blocks and triangles all spread out. I love the colours that come shining through.

I have started doing the sashing. Phew but it is a lot more intense than I thought it would be.
After having added the borders to B1 it showed that this block was too small, so I had to redo it. I chose a vibrant orange, so I think it looks great. I am once again sewing up the quilt in the same sequence that I created them. It makes sense to me and that in life is all that we can hope for.

Hope everyone has an amazing May and that creativity wins.

Have a good one.

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