Friday, 1 February 2013

February hey hey

So hey hey it is February. 8% of the year done and only 6 weeks until autumn. The temperatures have been horrid with two fans needed to be able to sleep under the thinnest of quilts. Neither of the cats have joined us for a snuggle at all in the past month, preferring rather to meander in at 4:30 in the morning and clean their nails on the bottom of the bed normally eliciting communication of the loud kind.

As at the 1st of February this was my counter. I quite like the number. 

The blocks for centre of my dear Jane are complete and I have made 4 of the triangles which brings me to 77%. I have bought solids to do the in-between triangles. I had originally thought of getting loud flower prints, but, when I was in the fabric store I couldn't find any that were suitable.

Hope that we all survive the end of summer and the end of winter as in both cases Mother Nature seems to want to prove a point before moving on. Already it is dark in the mornings when I trundle through to the kitchen to make tea.

Have a good one!

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