Friday, 18 January 2013

January slipping by

Well we are now more than half way through January and I am now full bionic in the lense department and seem to be seeing amazingly well. My youngest has had her birthday and now is 15. This is frightening as I have experienced a having a 15 year old live in the house before and they are scary. We had to go to the youngest school so that we could pick up Tablets for her to get her text books on. I think that I am quite fuddy duddy as I still feel that books should be paper based as there is something intrisically correct about turning the pages of a book. If you have a photographic memory how can you take pictures of a whole pdf or would it work the same way as pages?

I have 5 blocks left to finish on the centre part of Dear Jane and this is quite exciting. I have been contemplating the triangle and fabric for the Kites so it will be fun to get busy on the last bits.

The weather has been excessively hot and even when it rain it just gets sticky. It is interesting that the sun is rising later and later and when we get up at 5:30 in the morning it is starting to be darkish. Now doubt I will be whining as to how cold it is in a few months time.

Have a good one.

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