Saturday, 1 December 2012

December is here

Well this is it, the last month of the year, and soon we can all take a breath and relax before next year. I have finished the orange circle of the dear Jane and have done 2 of the red stripe.

December seems to be getting to be a busy month what with my husbands birthday being on the 12th. He already has his birthday present which was an upgrade to his PC. I got his old quad core 3.2 gig so I am not moaning at all. Monday sees me going to the opthamologist and Tuesday possibly eyeball surgery. Lets hope for the best with that one, and if not, we only have three weeks until the Mayans want the earth blown up. As yet I have not done any Christmas shopping but once again see the previous statement. Why borrow hassles of getting a whole lot of presents if the only people who will enjoy them are the Zombies. My eldest is betting on the zombies and is running away for the city until the 21st is over, and due to this not wanting to be with her mum if the world does end, I will only buy Christmas present on the 22nd.

This is probably not true as the reality is that I normally make sure that my husband has a cool birthday before buying present for Christmas. This is something I have done for the last sixteen years as he still has hangups about his birthday being ignored when he was a child and then him and his brother both getting the same presents around Christmas.

Another whine item this week was my eldest poking into a known button of mine is the fact that you can follow your dreams no matter what your resposibilities are... as normal I rose to the bate as I feel that once you have children you have to look after them first before you can go forth and do anything irresposible. Oh well, this is probably why she has not spawned :)

The weather here today is amazingly cool, but, we have bee suffering quite badly with the heat.

Keep cool and have an amazing Christmas.

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